Products that are one of a kind


We guarantee the utmost attention when it comes to composition, production and traceability.

The plant extracts we use in our cosmetics are of our own production, from the medicinal herbs we cultivate in our garden with organic techniques and certified by ICEA, to the patch testwe use to make sure no product irritates the skin.

Not tested on animals

None of our products is tested on animals. The patch tests are carried out on human volunteers by certified labs, and all the tests done on our products resulted in “non irritant”.


All our Natural Cosmetics products contain delicate surfactants that are suitable for children as well as degradable and with a vegetable origin.

Unique and innovative

All our formulas are original and developed exclusively inside of our laboratory.

Artisan production

The artisan production of every product is a unique marker of quality in the product’s preparation and packaging, as well as in the freshness since the product is a zero-mile one.

medicinal herbs

In our cosmetic formulas we use medicinal herbs extracts from the plants we cultivate in our marvellous vegetable garden inside the Giudecca Women’s Correctional Facility in Venice. Among these there are Melissa, mallow, vervain, thyme, rosemary, sage, helichrysum, chamomile, lavender and others.


High quality products at an affordable price – it is not profit we are seeking, rather than the right amount of income that allows us to appropriately honour the work of all the people involved in the productive process, the choice of raw materials, the maintenance of certificates and the investments we need to make in order to keep working towards our goal of re-educating and re-integrating inmates.

Basic Packaging

We reduced our packaging to a minimum in order to avoid generating unnecessary waste, even using screen printing instead of traditional labels.


We earned the VeganOK certification for almost all of our products and are in the process of obtaining it for the others – our goal is to be 100% VeganOK. You will find our certification number (0980) on our products next to the “VeganOK” symbol. Furthermore, several products have the additional “Biodizionario Approved” certification, which gives our customers the certainty that our raw material are extremely high-quality.