The Cosmetics Laboratory


When the inmates gather medicinal herbs, they’re only a few steps away from the cosmetic laboratory: here, the Meraviglie process merges ideas and practicality and the product begins.

The cosmetics laboratory has been active since 2001 inside the women’s correctional facility in La Giudecca Island, and currently is home to three voluntary workers that carry out their tasks under the guidance of a coordinator and a cosmetology chemist. Here, creativity and technical expertise become one to create the best products our clients could ever wish for.
Periodically we offer the inmates courses and educational internships that allow us to detect those who are fit to start a process of integration through work. Our products are featured and used in renowned franchises of the hospitality industry and in high-quality B&Bs.

It is inside this special lab that our Natural Cosmetics products are born. They are uniquely formulated with an approach that aims to constant innovation.
Furthermore, in our products you won’t find:

  • Parabens
  • Preservatives that release formaldehyde 
  • Halogenated organic compounds
  • Mineral oils
  • Oil derivatives
  • SLS, PEG surfactants
  • Synthetic Antioxidants BHA, BHT
  • Animal-derived ingredients