Our Core Values


Natural, not tested on animals, organic: our products embody the perfect balance between the highest quality and the utmost respect for our Planet and its inhabitants. Rio Terà has chosen the VEGANOK Standard for all of its products so as to offer more guarantees for our clients.


Our goal is giving hope: from our clients to the women we work with every day, our goal is to spread a message of positivity and optimism. For several products we also added the BioDizionario Approved Standard.


Our cosmetics are created with the help of some women inside the "La Giudecca" prison in Venice: thanks to the "Meraviglie" project, we walk along with them in their path to a new life.

B2B Solutions

Do you own a business?
Our cosmetics is well-known among hotel owners due to their quality and the undeniable social value involved in their creation: we have exclusive lines for the B2B environment both with completely customisable scent and appearance and with our logo – by doing this, we comply to both large and little amounts of demand from our clients.
We also work with business and professionals of the highest level – take a look at some of them below and join our team!